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We hope your fitness allows you to have as much fun as the Wholeys do!

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A Fit Body

What is A Fit Body?
A fit body is a smooth functioning amazing organism.
A fit body enables a feeling of great vitality.
A fit body is an everyday goal for a lifetime.
A fit body is the result of quality exercise and proper nutrition.
A fit body enables its owner to enjoy many wonderful activities - things that most people cannot even imagine doing.

Why would I want A Fit Body?
Here are some reasons to exercise and eat right.

How can I get A Fit Body?
Louise Wholey, director of A Fit Body, will design a personalized program for you to take you through the necessary steps.

How do I start?
Call (408)867-6658 or (408)666-5049 (mobile) today!

A list of web resources - actaully a place to collect my finds.

Specific training opportunities:
Running training at Saratoga High School track Monday - Thursday.
Saturday at Truckee: skiing, running, or weightlifting training .