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Student Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS) supports student-athletes in balancing their academic and athletic demands. SAASS provides comprehensive academic support services such as tutoring, studying assistance, computing technology, and academic and individual skill development programs. An Academic Counselor is assigned to each athletic team and takes the lead in coordinating the academic support efforts for each team member.

SAASS integrates its services with those of the University community. Each Academic Counselor assists student athletes in making appointments with appropriate offices such as their major academic advisors, the Registrar, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Dean's Offices, Career Services, Cook Counseling Center, Cranwell International Center, and Center for Academic Enrichment and Excellence.

The entire Virginia Tech community expects that each student athlete achieve his or her academic and athletic potential. The mission of SAASS is to help each student athlete meet this expectation.

How to contact the SAASS office:

By Mail:
Student Athlete Academic Support Services
329 Lane Stadium - West Side (0389)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
By Phone:
540 - 231 - 6165
By Fax:
540 - 231 - 9848

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